Infloor Colaris

The newcomer to the digital printing world

for high-quality carpets

Discover the revolution of modern carpet solutions – with our worldwide unique digital printing technology Colaris, we can print almost any motif on your carpet. High resolution and sharp contours. For impressive results and a carpet that is guaranteed to be truly yours.

And unlike conventional production processes, with Colaris, the colour is not only applied on the surface, but penetrates deep into all fibres and right to the bottom of the carpet. This means that the pattern remains durable even if the fibres are pressed apart, for example by furniture. For this purpose, we have worked for months in a specially equipped laboratory on the perfect procedure, fine adjustment and correct colour mixture. The result: This is an innovative technique that brings every conceivable pattern or image into the carpet in an absolutely long-lasting and colour-intensive way.

And it is also environmentally friendly. Because with Colaris, we have been able to reduce energy consumption by about 85 percent and environmental pollution by about 70 percent. And CO2 emissions have also been reduced by 570 tonnes per year. We think that's good. And the Environmental Innovation Programme of the Federal Ministry of the Environment also sees it that way, rewarding and supporting us for our efforts.

- Globally unique digital printing process

- Facilitates almost every imaginable pattern or picture

- Long-lasting colours and robust carpets