Girloon Tipps für Allergiker


Carpet and allergies

Contrary to popular opinion, allergy sufferers are by no means universally advised against using carpet. In contrast to hard floors, a carpet - in addition to its warming properties and sound absorption - is able to absorb and bind house dust from the air we breathe due to its open-pored surface. It does not matter whether it is a loop pile or velour carpet. This not only makes carpet a particularly comfortable floor covering, but also the perfect partner for allergy sufferers. At least if you consider a few things:

Freedom from harmful substances

To make carpets stain resistant and as colourful as possible, they are often treated with various chemicals that can cause respiratory problems. When you buy a carpet, make sure that the product bears the Blue Angel seal - just like all Girloon carpet solutions. This is because it prohibits most of the substances that cause concern.

Fibre length

One factor that should not be neglected when buying a new carpet is the length of the pile. Allergy sufferers should pay particular attention that the pile length does not exceed 10 mm. This is because the longer the pile, the more difficult it is to clean the floor covering professionally and optimally for allergy sufferers. 


Especially for allergy sufferers: Clean and vacuum your carpet regularly. This is the only way you can enjoy it for a long time and remove the bound dust particles from the fibres. Our cleaning tips provide you with a summary of the best way to care for your carpet and what you need to consider.  


For optimum suction results we recommend the original Girloon hoover. The 700 watt power pack is extremely flexible thanks to the turn-tilt joint and the 3.5 litre filter bags offer plenty of room for dust and dirt. 

Our tip

Use the practical LifeTiles if you want to furnish your home with warm carpeting. They are not only particularly practical, but also self-adhesive. This means that you automatically avoid using adhesives whose vapours can attack the mucous membranes.