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Innovative, creative and high-quality carpets

We leave standard to others – as a traditional family business, we stand for high-quality textile floor coverings. With passion and placing the highest demands on ourselves and our products. And with the urge to become a little better every day.

With our efficient company structure, we can react quickly, adapt flexibly and set trends regularly. Or simply revolutionise the market – as with our self-adhesive liftBAC carpet tiles, or the globally unique digital printing technology Colaris.

And because we produce everything ourselves, except the yarn, you get what you deserve – top quality Made in Germany, produced according to the latest standards and always with an awareness of our environment and sustainability.

Carpet and environment

Carpets are comfortable, quiet and warm – but they can do much more. Thanks to their ability to bind and retain dust, they are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, for example, who react to house dust. In addition, their soft structure is easy on joints and muscles. And thanks to their firm grip, you can also avoid accidents, unlike many hard floors.

And they help to improve the atmosphere in the room. Their heat-insulating properties have been proven to help keep heat in the room for longer and thus reduce heating costs by up to ten percent. And because they absorb both footfall and walking noise, all rooms, including those below, always remain pleasantly quiet and relaxed.

In addition, carpets are of course also absolutely easy to clean. No wiping, polishing or waxing – just vacuum and the carpet is clean again. You can remove 90 percent of all stains immediately with a little warm water and a towel. And if you decide to use our liftBAC carpet tiles, you can even replace them easily in serious cases.

INFLOOR carpets and our production also meet the high requirements of various institutions:


Blue Angel

All products meet the high requirements of the "Blue Angel", the seal of the Federal Environment Agency of the Federal Republic of Germany.

German Sustainable Building Council membership

In addition to corporate membership, all our products meet the requirements and standards of the German Sustainable Building Council.


LEED certification

From building certification LEED 4.0 onwards, the textile floor covering is required to provide proof of EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) and ABZ (general building approval), which all our products fulfil.


European REACH standard

All dyes we use comply with the European REACH standard for environmental and consumer protection.


liftBAC carpet modules

The carpet tiles are free of environmentally harmful back coatings such as bitumen, PVC, EVA etc. In addition, our tiles are largely free of harmful chemicals in terms of antistatic and flame-retardant properties.


Heat recovery & energy saving

By installing a heat recovery system, we save around 2-15 percent energy in the production of our high-quality textile floor coverings every year, thus protecting the environment and conserving resources.


Water saving and dyeing water

Process water in the dyeing and printing plant is reused for subsequent treatment after a filtering process, thus protecting the environment. The dyes used in our dyeing plant and the Colaris digital printing plant are biodegradable and may be filtered and fed into the city's sewage system.


Maintenance and investment

With the regular maintenance and updating of our complete machine fleet, we counteract increased energy consumption due to wear and tear.

Think sustainably, act sustainably

For us, sustainability is more than just a buzzword – it is about taking responsibility for contemporary problems such as climate change and resource scarcity. And we work on this every day. With products and production processes that are as environmentally friendly as possible, resource-saving technology and regular maintenance on all machinery. For low wear, high energy savings and the awareness of producing high-quality products in an environmentally-friendly way. And it pays off. It is not without reason that all INFLOOR products meet the high requirements of the "Blue Angel" signet of the Federal Environment Agency for environmentally-friendly production as well as the standards of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).