The environment is our greatest asset

INFLOOR is committed to sustainable products and sustainable production. Our ecological awareness does not end with obtaining a certificate or the annual energy savings. We want to break new ground and produce as resource-efficiently as possible.  

Blue Angel

All our products meet the high requirements of the „Blue Angel“, seal of the Federal Environmental Agency. The „Blue Angel“ was created in 1978 on the initiative of the Federal Minister of the Interior and approved by the Ministers of the Environment for the German federal states. Products and services awarded the Blue Angel are more environmentally friendly than comparable, conventional products and services.

DGNB membership

Of course, in addition to corporate membership, all our products meet the requirements and standards of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). Sustainability is more than just a word for the DGNB. It means the commitment of society as a whole to take responsibility for current problems such as climate change and scarcity of resources rather than leaving them to future generations.

LEED certification

From LEED 4.0 building certification, the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certificate as well as an ABZ (national technical approval) will be provided on the textile floor covering. We can provide you with the required certificates for our entire product range.

liftBac carpet modules

The carpet tiles are free of polluting backing coatings, such as bitumen, PVC, EVA etc. So, in this segment too, we meet the high requirements of the „Blue Angel“. We have taken a completely new approach to the coating of carpet tiles, which leaves our tiles largely without harmful chemicals, even with regard to „anti-static“ and „low-flammability“.

On special request, we can also equip our floor coverings with a so-called GIRLOON easyTEX coating. This backing structure offers the great advantage that the floor coverings no longer have to be glued over the entire surface while fully retaining their suitability for the area of use, but only have to be fixed over the entire surface (post-it effect). Floor covering with a GIRLOON easyTEX backing can be easily taken off again so time, money and resources are saved in the event of renovation as complex preparation of the subfloor along with all laying materials is eliminated.

Heat recovery & energy saving

By installing a heat recovery system, we save about 15% -20% of energy per year in the production of our high-quality textile floor coverings, thus saving the environment and resources.

Water saving & dyeing water

Process water from pretreatment in the dyeing and printing plant is reused after a filter process for aftertreatment and thus protects the environment.

The dyes of our dyeing plant and the Chromojet printing plant are biodegradable and may be discharged filtered into the municipal wastewater. It goes without saying that all the dyes we use comply with the European REACH standard for environmental and consumer protection.

Maintenance and investment

By regularly maintaining and updating all our machinery, we counteract increased energy consumption caused by wear and tear. What is more, every year major investments in machinery are made to enable us to live up to our claim of being one of the most up-to-date textile flooring productions in Europe.