Carpeting is more than a floor covering

Hardly anything characterizes a living space more than the carpet. An aspect that is often underestimated. Colors and patterns give a room its face and create its own atmosphere. The structure of the carpet determines whether it invites you to make yourself comfortable or perhaps rather radiates a robustness that conveys „you are also allowed to walk on this with your shoes on“.

Before you buy a carpet, a few basic questions should be clarified: where will the carpet be laid, what should it do and how much heavy use will it have? In the office or hallway, a short-pile, hardwearing carpet is ideal. In the living room or bedroom, on the other hand, you would like to be cosy and fluffy, here perhaps a deep pile carpet would be appropriate. Are you afraid of frequent soiling? Then look out for easy-to-clean carpet textiles or just use our liftBAC carpet modules, which can be replaced individually.

Our product range covers all textile floor coverings, from extremely durable tufted coverings to refined, elegant woven fabrics, from shaggy to frisé, to cut or loop pile. So, we offer the optimum carpet solution for every area of use, no matter whether it is a heavily frequented property or a high-end living environment.

Design and colours significantly affect the mood in a room. Our designs are as diverse as our customers. Whether monochrome or patterned, muted colours or something more eye-catching, we offer everything right up to individual designs to your specifications.

Browse through our products and discover exciting materials, patterns and colours.

Carpet can do more than you think

Carpeting is generally known for comfort, sound and heat insulation. If you take a closer look at the properties of carpet, you find out that there is a lot more to it than that. We have summarized the most important benefits for you.

Health & Well-being

INFLOOR carpets are beneficial, especially for your health. Contrary to many rumors, carpet is ideal for house dust allergy sufferers. That is actually logical, considering that carpet binds dust and holds on to it. Air pollution is lowered. Carpet also has a positive effect on the joints. The slightly springy covering is gentle on the muscles and joints. Carpet is non-slip and thus prevents accidents. INFLOOR carpets are also ecologically sound and without pollutants.

INFLOOR carpets not only give the look of warmth, comfort and cosiness. Thanks to its heat-insulating properties, a carpet has been proven to help keep the heat in a room much longer than with hard flooring. Above all, carpet ensures warm feet and a pleasant feeling for bare feet.


Carpet absorbs sound and provides exceptional sound insulation. Both in terms of room acoustics, as well as in the impact sound insulation, i.e. the transmission of sound in lower rooms, no other flooring achieves such outstanding results as a carpet. This soundproofing effect makes carpet a popular floor covering in rooms such as open-plan offices where the working environment can be significantly improved by reducing noise. INFLOOR carpets create a quiet living and working environment with a pleasant conversation atmosphere.

Energy saving

Thanks to the insulating effect of carpet, significantly less heat is lost from the textile floor than with hard flooring. In addition, the perceived room temperature for carpets has been proven to be two degrees higher than in rooms fitted with hard floor coverings. Feel free to set the thermostat of your heater two degrees lower. Your perception of warmth and comfort will not be affected and you will save up to ten per cent of your heating costs.

Care & Cleaning

No wiping, polishing or waxing. Carpeting is quite simply vacuumed. Our tip: Use a high-quality vacuum cleaner with a roller brush. If you are an allergy sufferer, we also recommend a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. Forget annoying cleaning buckets and the sharp smell of the detergent. Regular vacuuming is enough to keep the carpet in shape.

Another advantage of carpet is that it cannot scuff. Should a mishap happen, 90 per cent of all stains can be removed immediately with a little warm water. Moisten a towel with warm water and rub in one direction over the stain.